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Discover English

Rod Bolitho, Dr Brian John Tomlinson

Компонент: книга для учителя
Категория: методическая литература
ISBN: 9781405080033

Discover English focuses on a key skill for language teachers: language analysis. The authors highlight selected areas of grammar and vocabulary and provide exercises and commentaries designed to develop language analysis skills.
  • Highlights common areas of difficulty in English
  • Detailed commentaries which support all users
  • Particular emphasis on teaching the language

academy-icon.png Узнайте о программе повышения квалификации Norwich Institute for Language Education (NILE):
pdf-icon-6.png Advanced Language, Materials and Methodology
pdf-icon-6.png Language Improvement for Teachers
pdf-icon-6.png MA in Professional Development
pdf-icon-6.png Management in Language Education
pdf-icon-6.png Online Classroom Activities, Interaction and Motivation

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