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Talk About Texts


A talk and vocabulary-focused approach for rich guided reading.

With its unique speaking oriented approach, Talk About Texts integrates the teaching of reading, vocabulary and oral language skills into one strong and effective program.

The Talk About Texts integrate a number of oral language instructional strategies to teach the four key elements of speech:

·    Listening and responding
·    Building vocabulary
·    Fluent conversation
·    Questioning/challenging.

Using the following strategies, ‘Vocabulary for Reading’ and ‘Vocabulary for Talking’ are thoroughly taught and practised:

·    Guided reading sessions
·    Focused questions
·    Answer frameworks
·    Flashcards

The series includes:

·    160 Teacher’s Editions corresponding to each Student Book
·    Teacher Guide, including Digital Teacher Resources and Flashcards for each level (sold separately).
Teacher Guide comes with access to professional development videos to help embed Guided Reading.



pdf-icon-6.png Snappy Sounds Brochure

Snappy Sounds is a systematic, synthetic phonics series, built by world class educators, authors and speech pathologists. It has been designed to make teaching phonics designed to make teaching phonics as simple and as speedy as possible for you and your class. Children will enjoy reading because the resources build confidence quickly.

At a Glance

  • Decodable readers from levels 1–4 (Foundation) and Levels 5–8 (Year 1)
  • Phonics assessment
  • Teaching resources such as Teaching Cards, Flashcards, Teacher Resource Books and Online Lesson support
  • Classroom resources such as Placemats and Posters

About the Series

  • An explicit and snappy teaching routine that reduces preparation time
  • A mastery teaching sequence that dedicates a quarter of lessons to consolidation and catch up, so that you can set the right pace for your students
  • Engaging and modern decodable readers that allow students to apply and practise their learning from week 1
  • An assessment check that reveals exactly where students need further support
  • Professional development support that has been built in to all resources including classroom management tips

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Developing reading comprehension skills
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Developing vocabulary skills through reading

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