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Книги для летнего чтения (4-5 классы)

coll.jpg Explprers 3

The Camcorder Thief
The Elephant's Child
The Magic Flute
Snow White
Yeti In Town

Explorers 4

Adventures of Odysseus
Dan Tries To Help
Escape From The Fire
Robin Hood and his Merry Men
The Snow Queen

Macmillan Children's Readers level 4

Lights, Camera, Action!
Chocolate, Chocolate, Everywhere!/The Chocolate Fountain
Dogs/The Big Show Reader
Football Crazy/What a Goal!
Incredible Sculptures/ A Thief in the Museum
Making Music
New Year's Eve
What's That Noise?

Macmillan Children's readers level 5

Amazing Volcanoes/Legend of Batok Volcano
Ancient Egypt
Castles/King Arthur's Treasure
Dangerous Weather/The Weather Machine
London/A Day In The City
New York/adventure in the Big Apple
Penguins/Race to the South Pole
The Wild West/The Tall Tale of Rex Rodeo
World of Sport

Macmillan Children's Readers level 6

Caves/The Lucky Accident
The Deep/The City Under the Sea
Edinburgh/Festival Fear
Gold/Pirate's Gold Reader
Horses/Mr Carter's Plan
Machu Picchu/Through the Fence
Planets/School Trip to the Moon
Sharks & Dolphins/Dolphins Rescue

Macmillan Factual Readers

Arctic & Antarctica
Record Breakers - The Most Dangerous
The Human Body

The Fastest Record Breakers - The Fastest


coll.jpg Macmillan Readers Beginner level

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
Anna and the Fighter
Dangerous Journey
Good Wives
Hawk-eye, The Pathfinder
The House in the Picture and Abbott Thomas' Treasure
House On The Hill
Jane Eyre
L A Raid
Last Leaf and Other Stories
Last Of The Mohicans
Little Women
The Long Tunnel
Lorna Doone
Man in the Iron Mask
Mill On The Floss
Money For Motorbike
Newspaper Boy
Northanger Abbey
Phantom Of The Opera
Picture Puzzle
Princess Diana Biography
Prisoner Of Zenda
Rich Man, Poor Man
Tale Of Two Cities
This is London
Three Musketeers
The Truth Machine
Washington Square

Macmillan Readers Starter level

Around the World in Eighty Days
Gulliver's Travel in Lilliput
In The Frame
L A Detective
Lost Ship
Lucky Number
Magic Barber
Photo Finish
Sara Says No
Shooting Stars
Ski Race