Teaching Humans

19 Октября 15:30

Вебинар Norwich Institute for Language Education (NILE), партнера Macmillan Education


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We teachers are often puzzled and disappointed when a meticulously-planned lesson flops. Or we feel impatient with our learners when they don’t react the way we think they should: “She never does her homework”; “They think I can’t see them texting under the desk all lesson”; “They say they want more speaking, then nobody will say anything!”; “He’ll never pass the exam – he just doesn’t try”, “Why is she always so awkward?”

The theme of this seminar is common human characteristics and how teachers can work with them rather than fight against them. We will look at human traits such as these in terms of learners – how they affect learning and classroom behaviour.  Techniques and activities will be explored that can be used with all sorts of classes ... as long as they contain humans!   

  Johanna Stirling, NILE Online Academic Manager
Johanna Stirling is responsible for coordinating and developing all academic aspects of NILE Online.
She is a NILE Associate Trainer who teaches, trains teachers, writes materials and gives presentations about English language teaching.
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