Exam skills: Staying on target - Identifying the requirements of the exam task and prioritising them so as to manage your time effectively

16 Ноября 15:30

Вебинар Norwich Institute for Language Education (NILE), партнера Macmillan Education


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This webinar sets out frameworks that can be used to help students to understand that general requirements of exam tasks, and to identify the specific tasks they have to do in relation to specific exam questions. The aim is not only to help students to have a better grasp of what is required, but to use this to manage their exam time effectively such that they do not spend too much time on aspects of it that will not bring the highest marks. The webinar aims to help teachers to understand the proposed framework, and to be able to use it with their students.

  Tony Prince, Academic Director
Tony Prince is Academic Director for Tertiary Education at NILE. His experience in providing academic support has included developing a content integrated Presessional programme for students at the University of East Anglia, as well as Departmental Insessional support across the University

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