Working with lexical chunks

21 Декабря 15:30

Вебинар Norwich Institute for Language Education (NILE), партнера Macmillan Education


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Kiss and tell! By the way! Drive me crazy! Getting your students to identify, play with and use lexical chunks can be great fun. In this talk we will look at ways of helping your students notice groups of words that often go together. We will try out some exercises that will help your students produce these handy pieces of language. Then we will work on some speaking and writing tasks that you can try out with your students to get them producing these collocations and phrases.

Mike-Riley1.pngMike Riley
Mike joined the Teacher Professional Development team here at Macmillan Education in February. As Teacher Engagement Manager, he is involved in all of the aspects of teacher support, development and training.

Prior to joining the team, Mike spent 15 years working in Italy as an English teacher, Director of Studies and finally Director at International House Milan. Although he misses the people, food and coffee that he enjoyed in Italy, he is glad to be back in his native England.

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