30 Марта 09:30

XVI Macmillan Spring Conference


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Conference Speakers


Bringing Life Skills to Life!

The basic concept of teaching Life Skills is simple - that our responsibility as educators is not only to help our students to learn English but also to prepare them for the challenges of life in the 21st Century. This talk will look at why the teaching of Life Skills is so important for teenagers, which life skills our students really need in the 21st Century, and, arguably the most important question and the one that concerns teachers the most, how we can actually incorporate the teaching of Life Skills into our day-to-day classes. To this end, the talk will include a variety of practical activities, approaches and teaching materials, including examples from Gateway 2nd Edition.

Grammar Ideas: Hi Tech, Low Tech, No Tech

How important is grammar for our students? If it is important, how can we motivate our teenage students to want to practise it and help them to learn it more efficiently? This session will aim to answer these questions and to suggest a number of practical games and activities that can help make grammar more enjoyable for you and your students. The activities will range from the exciting new idea of the Flipped Classroom, which can offer our teenage students a whole new dimension to learning grammar in the 21st Century, to classic games that need nothing but a blackboard and chalk.

After studying languages at Oxford University, David Spencer trained to be a Secondary School teacher. He then moved to Spain where he has been living and teaching ever since. He continues to teach teenage students every day in a school near Madrid. Dave began writing courses for Macmillan in 1994. His latest series is the 2nd Edition of Gateway, a highly successful multi-level course designed to prepare teenage students for exams and life after school. Dave has given talks to teachers in over twenty countries.


ЕГЭ 2017 vs ЕГЭ 2016 (видеовыступление)

Мария Валерьевна Вербицкая - д. ф. н., профессор, автор бестселлера Macmillan Exam Skills for Russia


Из опыта работы по УМК Gateway

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Самарский медико-технический лицей

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Центр Творчества Учащихся Самарского медико-технического лицея (бывший клуб ТТУ)


г. Самара, ул. Больничная 1 (вход с Полевой)
Проезд: до ост. Арцыбушевская, автобусы: 24,34,41; маршрутное такси: 46,92,207,240; трамваи: 3,15,18

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