Student’s expectations in an exam preparation course: how to use past papers to predict performance?

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polina-kordik.png   Polina Kordik
   Polina Kordik is a teacher and researcher in the area of Second Language Acquisition.
   She’s been teaching English in Sweden and Russia for more than seven years, focussing on exam preparation.
   Polina holds an M.A. in Bilingualism and English (Stockholm University);
   M.A. (hons.) in European Languages (Uppsala University);
   Diploma in Translation (Moscow State Linguistic University); CELTA and IH CAM.

While teaching for exams, it is crucial to show student’s progress, to motivate them to achieve their ambition and to stay realistic at the same time. Pre-testing, mock exams and working with past papers in a systematic way while applying some basic concepts in statistics can help students to build their confidence and create expectations they are able to fulfil.

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