Successful exam writing in a nutshell

22 Ноября 15:30


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   Tatiana Odintsova

   Tatiana Odintsova is CELTA and CELTA YL certified teacher, Russian State Exam (EGE) expert.
   She has been teaching English as a foreign language for more than 8 years to students of all ages (7+ y.o)
   and levels at both private and state educational institutions. Currently, her main area of interest is exam preparation process, testing and assessment.

Preparing your students for successful writing in Russian State Exam can become less challenging if you learn to analyze typical mistakes made by the students and reasons why they happen. As well that, in this webinar we're going to discuss some samples of writing from the past years, analyze what students might lack for a 20 points-worth task and have a look at some effective preparation techniques and tools.

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