«Полиязычная образовательная среда: модели и технологии»

25 Января

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«Полиязычная образовательная среда: модели и технологии»

Plenary Speaker


How to maximise our impact on students’ language learning?

Grzegorz Spiewak - MA in Linguistics, Ph.D in English & Linguistics, the president of IATEFL Poland

In these times of ever increasing pressure on maximizing effectiveness, often understood rather narrowly as students’ test scores, it is becoming more and more important to seek teaching strategies that can make significant difference, really and truly.
That’s just what this session aims to achieve. The good news is that there’s been a lot of really solid research in recent years that points very firmly at where we could – and should – be looking as modern ELT professionals, to maximize our impact on learning and, equally importantly, make this impact clearly visible to our students.
The topic of ‘impact’ is inspired, among others, by the seminal research by John Hattie and others into types of pedagogical strategies and actions that (do not) yield a positive outcome on learning. In my plenary, I intend to review key findings from this research, to argue a crucial point: research evidence firmly supports the vision of modern (foreign language) education as an activity founded on a solid positive relationship between teacher and her/his students. The cornerstone of such a relationship is teacher’s credibility, a sense of direction and purpose, and an open communication with learners about their progress, areas for improvement, and optimal strategies for accomplishing short- and long-term goals.
On a practical level, this sort of approach calls for systematic re-evaluation of existing methods, activity & exercise types, and ways of exploiting them in the foreign language classroom.



Обучение иностранным языкам в эпоху пост-грамотности

Мария Олеговна Гузикова - кандидат исторических наук, доцент, заведующая кафедрой лингвистики и профессиональной коммуникации на иностранных языках, УрФУ



Improving the Impact of your Research

Daria Iovcheva - a representative of Springer Nature in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, Georgia

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Maximizing impact behind classroom doors:  the HOW

Grzegorz Spiewak

As the titles of my plenary and workshop suggest, they form a coherent sequence. The plenary is, of necessity, more lecture-style (though with quite a bit of interaction with the audience), while the workshop is all exercises and tips.
In the workshop, I shall demonstrate a number of activity types that require little preparation and  are often directly related to the material included in a modern coursebook. In particular, we’ll look at how to prepare an impactful class, how to begin it, how to build an effective task sequence and how to evaluate its impact on our learners.
The idea is to anchor the solutions presented very firmly in top-quality teaching material – and persuade you that the techniques are applicable and transferable with minimum effort and maximum effect.



Taking NILE Trainer Development Course: hows, whats, whys

Окулова Любовь - директор центра заботливого английского Аскольта




Blended Learning

Недоросткова Эльвира Эдуардовна, Ганеева Юлия Рузильевна


Недоросткова Эльвира Эдуардовна - старший преподаватель РАНХиГС (Российской Академии народного хозяйства и государственной службы при президенте Российской Федерации)



Ганеева Юлия Рузильевна - старший преподаватель РАНХиГС (Российской Академии народного хозяйства и государственной службы при президенте Российской Федерации)



Preparing Students for Cambridge English First (FCE) Speaking: Practical Ideas for EFL teachers

Natalia Bursina - EFL Teacher, Gymnasium 70, Ekaterinburg



Teaching Listening in EAP

Рассказова Татьяна Павловна - к.ф.н, доцент, заведующая кафедрой

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The venue

The Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B. N. Yeltsin


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