ELT Upgrade: Practices and Innovations (Санкт-Петербург)

24 января

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Plenary Speakers


Guilty Secrets: Unfashionable but Effective Teaching Techniques

Dorothy Zemach has taught ESL for over 18 years in Asia, Africa, and the US. She currently concentrates on writing, editing, and publishing ELT materials and textbooks among which are Macmillan Education Skillful and Mind Series, Get Ready for Business and Academic Writing Series. A frequent plenary speaker at international conferences

Trends in language teaching come and go; but does learning itself change all that much? In this talk, I’ll share some love for some “nobody does that anymore” techniques that nevertheless result in solid, efficient learning, and make an argument for focusing on results first when evaluating new (and old) approaches.

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Teaching Process Writing

• Do your students regard “process writing” as a remedial technique designed for struggling writers or low-level language students?
• Are you using the writing process to help your students write the best papers they can with the least amount of stress?
This workshop takes participants through all stages of the writing process: brainstorming, organizing, drafting, editing, and rewriting, to demonstrate its usefulness and efficiency for any level of young adult or adult writer (including native speaker!). We’ll try out a variety of practical and enjoyable classroom activities for the pre- and post-writing stages (the most difficult!). Participants will look at activities that teach students to brainstorm creatively, make outlining easier for visually oriented learners, and set up a peer reviewing process that actually works. (for all levels)​

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Blended Learning

Alexandra Nikitina, Alexandra Shparberg, ITMO University, Blended Learning



Aleksandra Nikitina has been teaching English since 2007. She has been a tutor at Foreign Languages Training Centre since 2015, teaching General English and English for Specific Purposes to bachelor students. During her work at ITMO, has been incorporating Blended learning in the courses and constantly using Open Mind Macmillan LMS.​


Aleksandra Shparberg has been working as a tutor at Foreign Language Training Centre (ITMO University, Russia) for 4 years. Previously she taught English in the Language school English First  both to children and adults. She is currently teaching General English as well as ESP to the ITMO bachelor students. She has a vast experience with blended learning, using Cambridge and Macmillan LMS platforms.​



Teaching Academic English: Speaking & Writing. Common strategies and solutions

Ryabukhina Yulia Vladimirovna (PhD), Head of the Department of Foreign Languages of ITMO University, has been teaching English and French for Academic and Specific Purposes as well as a selection of special courses in Business and Professional English and French for a couple of decades. She has designed and implemented a course of English/Russian Multilanguage and Cross-Language communication for students whose native language is neither English nor Russian using an intermediary language (French) or without one. Theory and practice of teaching cross-cultural communication, EAP, ESP and EMI. ​



Developing Communicative Skills: Fluent English for the Professional World with Open Mind

Thomas Wiseman, B.A., University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, Indiana, USA, TESL Certificate from the Tennessee Foreign Language Institute, academic director of the English Language school "English Connection". T​om Wiseman is the co-founder and Director of Studies at English Connection Language Center in Saint-Petersburg. In addition to his work in the classroom, Tom works with teachers to develop and experiment with innovative methods to efficiently automate spoken and written English.

Our students are experts in their fields. Using English, they have the opportunity to display their expertise at meetings, interviews and conferences. However, stress and nerves often cause students to freeze. How can we build the skills that lead to strong fluency without this sudden, temporary loss in ability? In this seminar, I will cover strategic approaches to automating constructions so that students respond accurately and reflexively in any and every situation.

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Teaching English for Specific Purposes. Using "In Company" to grow your business

Jackie Zelinsky is a senior teacher at FORM Training and Language school. Jackie Zelinsky is a strategic business executive with a background in building value in organisations. For over a decade Jackie was a Senior Fellow at the Australian Centre for Innovation, University of Sydney where she mentored gifted students in entrepreneurship and business planning. In 2015 Jackie was appointed as an Honorary Fellow to the School of Business at the University of Western Sydney.
Having started life as teacher of English, Jackie returned to teaching ESP and EAP in 2014 working in Nepal, China, Vietnam and now Russia.
Her qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts, CELTA, Graduate Diploma in Education and Masters in Education.

Teaching Business English can be daunting to teachers who have not had experience in business. This workshop will look at ways that ESP teachers can depend on ‘In Company’ to provide a practical framework.  Most of the work is done but teachers can bring this textbook alive by using a range of classroom activities and incorporating TED Talks to supplement various themes that underpin the world of international business.



Teaching for Professional Context: Challenges and Solutions

Irina Nuzha has been teaching English for Academic and Specific Purposes as well as various special courses in Academic Writing, Business English and ELT Professional Development for almost 20 years. She now teaches students of National Research University Higher School of Economics with a particular focus on  ESAP, Research Writing and developing ELT materials for online university courses.

Every ESP teacher has faced with the problem of finding relevant engaging materials to teach English for Specific Purposes to students of various professional fields at least once in a lifetime. This workshop will  demonstrate how ESP practitioners can solve this problem to cater for the needs of today’s ESP students, digital natives, aimed at building successful careers in the professional globalized world.



IELTS: Using the Lexical Approach for Exam Preparation

Alan Maishman, CELTA CELTYL DELTA MBA. I've been preparing students in Russia for the IELTS test for more than 10 years, in both Moscow and Saint Petersburg. I am an English Teacher, Teacher Trainer and Principal at Windsor English Language School (SPb) and previously Director of Studies at Windsor Education Centre (Moscow). For about 5 years I have also worked as a Freelance Language Assessor in both Moscow and Saint Petersburg.



Improving the Impact of your Research

Daria Iovcheva - a representative of Springer Nature in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, Georgia




Continuous Professional Development

Anastasiia Nikulenko,Tatiana Trofimova, Joshua Schiefelbein, Dariia Sevzikhanova, ITMO University

There are so many ways to maintain continuous professional development (CPD) in ELT that it becomes more and more difficult to decide which ones to choose in order to get the most benefits for teaching and career in general. In this seminar, we will discuss different ways of CPD, give some practical tips and try to challenge the stereotypes in this area.

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Anastasiia Nikulenko, Academic Director of Foreign Language Training Center at ITMO University, has been teaching English for more than 15 years in different educational institutions in Belarus and Russia. Her current interests belong to the area of continuous professional development for teachers, designing courses and teaching EAP.



Tatiana Trofimova has been teaching English for more than 5 years. She has experience in teaching English to both children and adults and teaches different levels, from complete beginners to advanced students. Tatiana has been a tutor at Foreign Languages Training Centre since 2015, teaching General English and English for Specific Purposes to bachelor students.



Joshua Schiefelbein moved to Saint Petersburg, Russia from Seattle, Washington. He earned his bachelors degree in Russian Area Studies from Dartmouth College while working as a programming and research assistant at the Nelson A. Rockefeller Center of Public Policy. Passionate about language and culture, he received his TEFL Certificate from the International TEFL Academy prior to relocating to Saint Petersburg where he began teaching at Gorchakov Memorial School. As a member of ITMO University's faculty, he teaches courses on General English, English for Specific Purposes, Academic Writing, English as a Medium of Instruction, Cultural Studies and Literature.



Dariia Sevzikhanova has been working as a teacher since 2010. She has been a tutor at Foreign Languages Training Centre since 2014, teaching General English, ESP and EAP. 

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