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23 Мая 15:30


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malinina.png  Irina Malinina
  Irina has been teaching English to teenagers and adults in different contexts for over 20 years.
  She has Teacher Trainer certificate from Norwich Institute for Language Education.
  Irina is currently taking her Cambridge Delta. She has Teacher Trainer certificate from NILE (2016)
  and Writing Fiction diploma from Norwich Writers’ Centre and University of East Anglia (2017)
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In his Writing Science book Joshua Schimel wrote: “My writing has improved because I worked on becoming a writer. That doesn’t mean just writing a lot. You can do something for many years without becoming competent”

In this webinar I’m going to be talking about different approaches to teaching writing based on three courses published by Macmillan: Writing Series aimed at high school and university students; Skillful  - also designed for developing academic writing skills, and finally the Open Mind course, a six-level general English course for adults.

I hope that this webinar will lend itself to giving you some food for thought about how to hanker after and crave writing. I will also outline Product and Process approaches to developing writing skills as well as advantages and disadvantages of each approach.


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