Getting Teens to Speak and Write

3 Мая 16:00



Вебинар состоится 3 мая 2018 года.
Начало вебинара в 16:00 по британскому времени.

Для участия в вебинаре необходим компьютер с доступом в Интернет и колонки.

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This webinar explores ways to help teenage learners build their productive skills. We will look at strategies for improving spoken and written fluency and accuracy, examine ways to push learners to use newly learned language, and show a range of activities that make speaking and writing tasks more motivating.

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Daniela Clarke
has been involved in ELT since 1997, mainly in the UK as a teacher, teacher trainer and subject learning coach. Her teaching experience ranges from young learners to adults of all language levels and competences, and her teacher training experience covers training on the Trinity Cert TESOL and Exam Assessors Courses.  Daniela currently works as a teacher trainer and ELT consultant.

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