The 2018 Collation of Portfolio Descriptors for Young Learners, and implications for lifelong learning

23 Мая 16:00



Вебинар состоится 23 мая 2018 года.
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This webinar will describe a recent Council of Europe initiative to collate a representative sample of validated illustrative descriptors for Young Learners, drawn principally from existing validated European Language Portfolios. I will discuss  the rationale for mapping them to corresponding descriptors contained in the CEFR illustrative scales, according to two broad age groups. I will also explain the inclusion of new descriptors published in the CEFR Companion Volume (CEFR/CV) and the provision of expert moderated judgements of relevance to the two age groups covered.

Participants will consider how the documents for each age group might be exploited for plurilingual / pluricultural education, and how they might inform further development of instruments for Young Learner-oriented language curriculum. I will also highlight key implications for lifelong language learning, including considerations of cognitive challenge, learner experience and educational context, along with recommended next steps.

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Tim Goodier, Head of Academic Development at Eurocentres, has worked in ELT for 15 years as a teacher, project-manager, examiner, course-developer, school inspector, and teacher-trainer.

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