Zero Effort International Exam Preparation

15 Мая 14:30

Join us to get to know more about international exams and teaching techniques to make the exam preparation effective and efficient for you and your students!


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Keith M Watts,

Director of Verba International Ltd. London & Hereford, UK.
Exclusive representative for Euroexam* in the Russian Federation.
Keith has spent over 18 years managing international English examinations across Russia and has now worked with many thousand candidates. 
In addition to Keith’s work in the UK and his examination work, Keith is a CELTA qualified English teacher. Keith also teaches and lectures across Russia, and in the last year has delivered teacher training workshops in Abakan, Tomsk, Moscow, Saratov, Blagoveshchensk and other cities throughout Russia.
Despite travelling across Russia, Keith still lives in Herefordshire, England where his hobbies include tennis, cycling, sailing and skiing.  Keith is also a qualified pilot.



14.30 - 15.00


Zero effort international exam preparation

Imagine how wonderful it would be to take your favourite English language textbook and, having completed it, be confident that your students could take and pass a highly respected International English examination.
In this workshop, UK based CELTA teacher and teacher trainer Keith Watts will show you can prepare students for international examinations as part of your daily English teaching classroom.  By Introducing extracts from Macmillan standard textbooks, international marking and assessment schemes as well as sample examination questions, Keith will demonstrate how you can prepare students for international exams ranging from A1 to B2 whilst enhancing your classroom materials.

15.00 - 16.40


Q&A session

16.40 - 17.10

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Venue: Educational Centre “Learning Group”
Address: St Petersburg, 2 Shvedsky pereulok

Please register in advance here www.macmillan.ru

*Euroexam International is Europe’s fastest growing International ESOL Examination Board, recognised by UK NARIC and accepted by universities across central Europe and the UK.   Using a student friendly approach, the exams are conducted across Russia by Verba International Ltd. a UK educational organization using only native English speakers and in a way that motivates both students and teachers.  Inspired by Verba International, Euroexam candidates can take the written and spoken examinations independently or together, reducing stress and helping them achieve the highest possible performance.

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