Весенняя школа издательства "Макмиллан"

27 Марта 10:00


27 марта 2013 года

В конференции принимают участие:

Dave Spencer,
специалист  в области теории и практики преподавания английского языка, автор  УМК Gateway
Учителя общеобразовательных учреждений г. Самары,
работающие по учебным пособиям издательства «Макмиллан»

Программа конференции

Выставка-продажа учебной литературы




11.00–11.50Dave Spencer  'Success with exams at Secondary!'

Secondary students typically spend a lot of their time doing internal and external tests and exams. How can we successfully prepare teenagers for these exams but at the same time keep their motivation high? This session will suggest practical ways of doing this in the classroom (using examples from Gateway). There will be special attention to the teaching of study skills and exam strategies to train our students to become efficient language learners. Another area to be explored will be the importance of content-rich texts to maintain students’ interest and motivation throughout their training.



12.10–13.00Dave Spencer ‘How to Teach Secondary Classes (without losing sanity in the process)!’

Teaching teenagers can often be a challenging experience. This practical session will suggest general approaches and specific activities that can help to make teaching secondary classes more productive and less stressful. Areas examined will include ‘How to encourage students to speak in English’, ‘How to begin and end lessons on a high’, ‘How to deal with mixed ability in the classroom’ and ‘How to correct grammar exercises without students falling asleep in the process’. Also, since Dave is by no means perfect, there will almost certainly be occasional involuntary demonstrations of how not to do things.

Мастер-классы учителей практиков


Мастер-классы учителей практиков


Подведение итогов конференции. Викторина от издательства "Макмиллан".

Место  проведения: ЦТУ (центр творчества учащихся) СМТЛ бывший клуб ТТУ
Адрес: г. Самара, ул. Больничная, д. 1
Проезд:  остановка «Сквер Мичурина»

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