Mastering Decimals and Percentages using the Singapore Maths Approach

24 Марта


Вебинар состоялся 24 марта 2020 года.

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Mohi Uddin Ahmed, the founder of Singapore Maths Academy, has over 10 years’ experience in education. Mohi Uddin worked as Head of Mathematics at a prestigious independent secondary school in North West London. With the schools A*-A results at 70%, Mohi Uddin was later judged to be an ‘Outstanding’ teacher and Head of department by Ofsted. As well as being a former Edexcel examiner, Mohi Uddin was also a Headteacher at primary school for over two years. In his last year, the school achieved 100% Level 4+ in the Year 6 SATs.

Mohi Uddin went on to become a Maths consultant after leaving his headship and for the last two years has been training schools all over England and Wales on the Singapore Maths approach to teaching. Mohi Uddin has trained over 5,000 teachers in the UK and continues to be one of the figures spearheading Singapore Maths and teaching for Mastery in England.

Mohi will explore the following key areas of Decimals and Percentages using the Singapore Maths Approach:
•    What are the challenges and complexities of teaching Decimals and Percentages to primary students?
•    Techniques to master and enhance students' understanding of Decimals and Percentages using the Singapore Maths Approach


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