Feedback that Empowers

6 Мая


Начало утренней сессии в 10:00 AM Europe/London time 6 мая 2020 года  button-reg.jpg
Начало дневной сессии в 4:00 PM Europe/London time 6 мая 2020 года  button-reg.jpg
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Kateryna Protsenko is CELTA / Delta / CELT-P / CELT-S trainer and materials writer currently based in Kyiv, Ukraine where she is managing the Teacher Training Department at Grade Education Centre. Before joining the company, Kateryna worked in Turkey, Ukraine, Lebanon, Azerbaijan, Thailand, the UK and Greece where she trained teachers and trainers.

For many students feedback is the most valuable part of learning and is often one of the reasons why they choose one-to-one classes over group classes. When participating in surveys on customer satisfaction, students often say that they would like to have more feedback from their teachers. It’s clear that feedback is a lot more than simple error correction and praise for some good language - but what else does it include?

In this webinar we will look at what feedback is, what aspects of learning we can and should give feedback on and how to do that. There are lots of things to take into account when giving feedback, including task setting, students’ effort, level of challenge etc - we will also look at those things which we should be keeping in mind when giving feedback. Finally, in the light of the current situation with COVID-19 and the fact that learning has moved online and we will inevitable have to teach some of our classes online from now on, we will examine how feedback online differs from feedback given face-to-face.

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