Playing with Emotions, Mindfully

3 Декабря


Начало утренней сессии в 10:00 AM Europe/London time 3 декабря 2020 года  button-reg.jpg
Начало вечерней сессии в 14:00 PM Europe/London time 3 декабря 2020 года  button-reg.jpg
Для участия в вебинаре необходим компьютер с доступом в Интернет и колонки.

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Emma Reynolds is an accredited Mindfulness teacher for adults (MBSR- Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) and for children through MiSP (Mindfulness in Schools Project UK). She gives talks and workshops on Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness in the classroom at schools and also at teachers’ conferences including APAC and ELT, Barcelona. She has written two articles for MacMillan on Mindfulness in schools and is happy to be back again offering webinars aimed at teachers of teenage students. Originally from the UK, she has lived in Spain for over 20 years.

Join Mindfulness teacher and theatre practitioner Emma Reynolds for a dynamic session on Emotions. We will look at how you can get your kids ready for learning, by helping them recognize when they are in the red zone; feeling stressed or frustrated and help them return to the green zone; connected, calm and focused. We’ll explore how we can change our mood through simple theatre exercises, as well as try out some short mindful practices to help calm students when they’re over-excited, or wake them up when they’ve low energy. Fun, dynamic and practical, this session is suitable for teachers working online or in a classroom.