Global Teachers' Festival

8 Февраля
19 Февраля



Roy Norris - Vocabulary teaching at B2 First: criteria for selection
Alex Tamulis - Q&A - Assessment for the Future

Vivienne Lambert - Stories at the heart of learning in the Primary classroom
Ben Crystal - Successful storytelling and Shakespeare

Jon Hird - Yeah but ... No, but ...The real language of opinions
Simon Gfeller - An Opera Singer’s Guide to English Pronunciation

Joanne Ramsden - Collaboration in a positive learning environment
Nathan Waller - Q&A - Inclusivity

David Spencer - Learning to think, Thinking to learn
Matt Hayes & Jonathan Hadley - Global Citizenship Education: What, why and how?

Rhona Snelling - Speaking skills for confident communication
John Cruft - Q&A - Students' Global Skills

Chia Suan Chong - Visual literacy: viewing as the 5th skill
Emma Reynolds - Finding Calm amid the Chaos

Carol Read - Fantasy and Reality in the Early Years
Alejandra Ottolina and Derek Spafford - Q&A - Teaching Skills