Assessment and Catch-up in grammar and spelling for primary pupils

2 Марта


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Для участия в вебинаре необходим компьютер с доступом в Интернет и колонки.

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Charlotte Rance, Literacy consultant based in Brighton, UK. She has been working in the English Language Teaching industry for over a decade, and her key areas of interest are young learners and the use of stories and reading as a tool for language learning. Her main goal as a trainer is to provide practical advice and strategies that teachers can implement in their lessons.

Join our literacy author and expert Charlotte Rance deliver an informative and practical session focusing on the following key areas:
  •     Differentiating between Assessment for and Assessment of Learning
  •     Online assessment techniques for both
  •     Review and Revision Techniques


International Curriculum

"At Macmillan Education we recognise that teachers are not only looking for classroom resources, but also support with digital, teacher training, language, links between school and home and assessment. In addition to resources that develop the key life skills. Our promise to you is to provide courses that cater to all of these whilst being written by subject experts, a great many of whom have been teachers so understand the challenges and opportunities faced each day in the classroom. They have taken the world leading and proven teaching methods for each subject, built upon research and evidence, to create resources that will help you to deliver lessons that inspire curiosity and engagement, and ultimately put your pupils on a path towards being the best they can be."