Snappy Sounds Webinars

20 Февраля
24 Февраля

Join us for a dedicated week of fast, fun, synthetic phonics.  Everything you need to know in 5 hours over 5 days. 

20 February until 24 February – one hour each day.

Delivered by our experts Gill Budgell and Charlotte Rance.

What will you get from the course:

You will be able to:

  • Understand why an explicit phonics programme will raise attainment in reading
  • Be confident that you can teach synthetic phonics effectively
  • Know how to work with parents to support learning at home
  • Be able to assess where your pupils are and provide intervention and extension
  • Teach whole class and groups
  • Be a FANTASTIC Snappy Sounds synthetic phonics teacher!

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Welcome and over of the week including an introduction to a fast, fun, explicit phonics course – Snappy Sounds

20 February 4.30 GMT

What is Systematic Synthetic Phonics and what do I need to teach?

21 February 3.30 GMT

Phonics Leadership and engagement with parents.

22 February 4.30 GMT

Using the resources to full effect in the classroom or in a blended-way.

23 February 4.30 GMT

Putting your teaching into practice including assessment and differentiation.

24 February 4.30 GMT

Attendees to all five webinars will go into a prize draw to win a set of Snappy Sounds decodable books and there will be lots of hints and tips and interaction from our experts to help you get started to teach synthetic phonics with confidence!

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