Осенняя школа издательства «Макмиллан» (Санкт-Петербург)

29 Октября 15:00

29 октября 2014 года, Санкт-Петербург

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Специально для участников программы Macmillan Partners 29 октября 2014 года состоится методический тренинг, который проводит международный специалист в области методики преподавания английского языка Grzegorz Spiewak. Grzegorz Spiewak, MA in Linguistics, Ph.D in English & Linguistics, является президентом  IATEFL Poland, работает руководителем отдела обучающих программ для преподавателей Macmillan Polska.


15.00    Открытие

15.10   Издательство «Макмиллан» для начальной школы – методисты издательства «Макмиллан»

15.20   How can we teach children to be motivated to speak English – Grzegorz Spiewak
Let’s face it, it is not easy to think of any reason why a Russian child, living in Russia, with Russian-speaking parents, playing with Russian-speaking kids, and having an English teacher that is herself a native speaker of Russian, would ever need to open his or her mouth in English… The lack of such a reason is potentially embarrassing to any communicatively-spirited methodology, applied to a linguistically homogeneous environment. This in turn is one way to explain the difficulty in developing any communicatively effective interactive skills, however minimal they would be. Are there any ways to overcome this difficulty and provide Russian kids with a convincing source of motivation to speak English??This is precisely what I intend to do in this session. My strategy is to offer a whole range of activity types whose aim is to motivate kids – from older kindergarteners to upper-primary school kids – to interact with one another purposefully. Equally importantly, these task types will give kids a chance to recycle key language structures and vocabulary, as an integral part of a modern teaching programme. Some illustration will come from English World, the flagship primary level course offering from Macmillan.

16.20   Издательство «Макмиллан» для основной школы – методисты издательства «Макмиллан»

16.30   Speaking English for exam success and beyond – Grzegorz Spiewak
Compared to any other language skills, speaking in a foreign language is no doubt the greatest possible challenge. As such the prospect of having to open one’s mouth in English ranks amongst the greatest learner fears, rivalled by few others, except perhaps for the fear of speaking in public. What if the two converge, in the form of speaking in exam conditions …?! How can we genuinely help our teenage students cope with a range of speaking exam tasks, at secondary and particularly at upper-secondary level (where they will have to face the challenge for the first time ever)??This is where this session comes in.  Session participants will have an opportunity to relate exam task types to a variety of exercise types in the Gateway course series published by Macmillan, with an eye to devising an effective teaching programme for the purpose of both exam speaking and language use beyond the classroom.

17.30    Из опыта работы – выступают учителя-практики

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Адрес: Санкт-Петербург, Московский пр., д. 112 
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