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A Day at Macmillan Education Office in Oxford

Дорогие друзья!

Татьяна Игоревна Громогласова, преподаватель Сибирской академии государственной службы, второй победитель открытого голосования конкурса Teach Global Think Local, недавно посетила офис издательства "Макмиллан" в Оксфорде и делится своими впечатлениями:

A Day at Macmillan Education Office in Oxford
When you buy a new book for your English class you never think of what’s behind it. You look at the contents and anticipate your students’ reaction to the topics. You look at the tasks and see that your students can learn a lot from them. You look at the pictures and curiously stop at some… And never think of what’s behind it.

Many English language teachers joyfully use Macmillan books in their classrooms but not many know what tremendous job is done to produce these books. A huge team of professionals do their best for us to enjoy language teaching and for students to enjoy language learning. I was lucky to get acquainted with the work of Macmillan Education team in Oxford and was amazed by how devoted people are to what they do.

It all starts with an idea. Idea to create something worthy and meaningful. Once it is approved a book starts its life – texts are written, tasks are designed, pictures are chosen (which includes even casting and photo shoot sessions!), design is done, listening and video materials are recorded, website is written and the book is proofread a couple of times. But that’s not when the work stops. A very important role is given to the Marketing department where regional representatives promote books to the markets of more than 80 countries.

Strange it may seem, but having spent only a day at Macmillan office I feel myself what is called “a part of the family”. All people I managed to talk to are very friendly, intelligent and dedicated. And it is fantastic how well-thought and perfectly organised the company is handling so much work going on.

I want to thank all the people who welcomed me during my visit and I wish Macmillan Education prosperity and recognition throughout the world.

Gromoglasova Tatyana,

English teacher at Siberian Institute of Management,


The Day Begins…

Jo Greig, International Marketing Director, kindly and warmly welcomes me at the office

Meeting Michael Kedward, Commissioning Editor

Discussing the choice of pictures with Keith Lonsdale, Media Researcher

Making plans for future collaboration with Andy Poole, Regional Sales Manager for Russia

The working day is coming to an end