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Дорогие друзья!

По многочисленным просьбам участников конкурса My Summer Reads 2012 мы публикуем несколько лучших отзывов!

My name is Alexander. My surname is Ostrovsky. I’m 9 years old.  I’ve read three English books.  They are ‘Fantastic Freddy” by Donna Shaw, ‘Eddie’s Exercise” by Paul Shipton and “Pat’s Picture” by Ben Smith. I like all these books. They are colourful and have a lot of interesting pictures. We can find Picture Dictionary and exciting activities in the books.
My favourite book is “Pat’s Picture” by Ben Smith. The book is about Pat who likes to dream. On Sunday she wants to fly in an aeroplane and to see the world. Then she wants to visit Mexico and to see penguins in the Antarctic. But most of all Pat wants to go to Africa because she likes African animals. And her mother helps her. She advises Pat to draw them. All Pat’s pictures are very good. They decide to send the picture of a cheetah to the art competition. On Sunday Pat and her mummy go to the art competition and see Pat’s picture. Pat is the winner.
I enjoy drawing animals too.  But I like Australian animals, they are so unusual. I dream to visit Australia one day. And I want to be a winner too.
I recommend this book to my classmates. It’s not difficult and interesting.

Островский Александр, 9 лет,
Абанская СОШ №3,
п.Абан, Красноярский край

My name’s Dima Sukhov. I’m 10. I go to Moscow Grammar School No.625. This summer I’ve read the books: “Record Breakers. The Biggest”, “Sharks” and “Dan Tries to Help”.  These books are very interesting but I liked “Dan…” most of all.
Dan’s a boy. One day his father, the manager of a big hotel, takes Dan to work and Dan’s adventures begin. First he makes a terrible mess in the storeroom, then he polishes glasses with furniture spray and spills spaghetti with tomato sauce all over the restaurant and the guests.  Do you think it is funny? Yes, it’s funny to read but it’s not funny for Dan and people who work in the hotel because every time Dan tries to help something goes wrong and Dan makes a mess.
By chance Dan helps to catch thieves in the hotel.  I like this part because Dan’s father believes his son’s words as his son never tells lies.
I like Dan because he’s kind, brave, smart and honest.  This book teaches to be honest and always tell the truth then people will believe you in all situations.
I’ve never been to the hotel but I’ve learnt about people who work there: a chef, a maid and others.
I’ll recommend to read this book because it’s humorous, interesting and educational.

Сухов Дмитрий, 10 лет,
ГБОУ гимназия №625,
г. Москва

During my summer holidays I read a fascinating book called «The Bronze Bust Mystery» which was written by Sue Graves. The story takes place in Ancient Rome while the reign of Julius Caesar. There are four principal characters in the book – two children Robert and Lucy from our time and two children Marcus and Camilla from the past. They meet each other in order to help in solving a mystery of the stolen Bronze Bust which was presented to Senator Julius by Marcuse’s father. The children face different difficult and dangerous situations; they help each other and eventually find the missing Bust.
I really admire the principal characters because they are brave, full of original ideas and thoughtful of others .I like the style of writing of the author because she portrayed the Roman times truthfully and depicted the characters vividly. The language is simple; the plot is exiting, full of unpredictable twists.
The story impressed me greatly because after reading it I got interested in the life ordinary people of Ancient Rome, their traditions and customs. What’s more, I learned a lot of new Roman facts.
In my opinion, the story is highly recommended for all students who love Ancient history, adventures and mysteries.
Honestly, I would like to read more books about Robert and Lucy’s adventures who travel to other periods of history with the help of their unusual mobile phones.

Кравчук Кристина, 13 лет,
г. Москва

What can be more interesting than reading adventure stories? Breathtaking plot, vivid characters, the feeling of involvement and anxiety up to the very end. All this can be found in Macmillans’ adventure novels which I have read this summer: “Bleak House”, “Of Mice and Men”, “Mine Boy”, “Weep Not Child”, “Our Mutual Friend”, “Officially Dead”, “The Ghost”, “Great Expectations”, “The Grapes of Wrath”.     
Moby Dick is the book that impressed me most of all. This is a fantastic novel by Herman Melville. The book starts with the prehistory of Captain Ahab’s relationships with the bloodthirsty whale, Moby Dick. This creature of tremendous size and ferocity destroyed Ahab's boat and a bit off his leg. This event changed Ahab’s life forever and now he is out for revenge.
What I like most about the book is that in spite of the victory of “Pure Evil” hope and faith still remain. The strong point of this book is its detailed narration of the final battle and the description of the behavior of the crew at last tragic moments of their life. Sometimes Melville’s style is truly dramatic and sometime exciting. He uses very strong and modern language which makes the book really gripping.
All in all, this book taught me that the thirst for revenge can lead to obsession and tragic consequences. To my mind Moby Dick is worth reading and I would recommend it for everybody who craves for adventures.

Яжкунова Екатерина, 15 лет,
ГОУ СОШ №1208,
г. Москва

Recently I have read such English classics as “Vanity Fair” by William Makepeace Thackeray, “Great Expectations” by Charles Dickens and Jane Austen's “Persuasion”. The last novel impressed me most, because nothing else makes me so aware of the influence of people on my own life.
The plot is set   in the nineteenth century in the south of England. The main character is   Anne Elliot - a lovely, kindhearted girl. She experiences different situations with her relatives, friends and her fiancée   Frederick Wentworth - a young clever and ambitious officer. Young people part because of the prejudices of Ann’s family and friends.
Austen's witty and ironic narrative style causes reading “Persuasion” in one breath. The description of simple but amazing life in Lyme and the great variety of characters are especially memorable. Moreover, Anne and Frederick’s relatives and friends are involved in situations when they influence or attempt to influence other people or themselves. Even when the book is read you can’t stop thinking that the human quality of persuasion is fundamental to communication. Besides, the book helps realize importance of your own decisions.   
At the same time, the novel is a paean to the self-made man.
So read it, join the romantic world of Old England and enjoy the twists of the plot.

Дронова Елена, 17 лет,
ГБОУ СОШ № 1242,
г. Москва