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17.03.2020  |  Санкт-Петербург

NILE Blended TYL course in St Petersburg

The first NILE blended course for English teachers of Young Learners

30 academic hours of face-to-face training with Ben Brooks as a trainer in St Petersburg

and 4 weeks’ online tutoring and an assignment

In a group of 15 teachers

In this course you will examine some principles and practice of Teaching English to Young Learners. You will evaluate and create materials suitable for young learners ages 6 to 12. The practical nature of this course will rely heavily on designing communicative materials to teach language skills, developing effective classroom management skills, and exploring art, drama, music, children´s books and other authentic materials.


Ben Brooks.pngBen Brooks has been teaching YLs for about 15 years, teaching primary and teenager learners in England and Russia. He has taught students of all levels in various teaching contexts, including state and private language schools, as well as teaching online.

Since working as a Director of Studies in 2013 Ben has been involved in teacher training in Saint Petersburg, where he regularly runs Celta courses. He has recently been supervising Distance Delta teacher trainees for NILE. Ben has also been designing and running an action research project for new and experienced teachers in Saint Petersburg.

Professionally Ben is interested in context specific teacher training, classroom based pedagogy and bringing the fun back into the YL classroom.

Ben's qualifications include Cambridge Delta and he is currently working towards an MA with a focus on the principles and practice of teaching young learners.


This course will cover some or all of the following aspects:
  • Personal language development
  • Insights into cultural and intercultural issues
  • Classroom language
  • A range of approaches for teaching English to young learners and how such approaches may be realised in the classroom
  • Evaluation of materials for teaching English to young learners
  • Design and creation of teacher-made materials
  • Curricular subjects taught through the medium of English

This course will extend the participant’s understanding and critical awareness of:
  • The principles and practice of teaching English to young learners
  • Developing critical thinking and cooperative skills
  • Digital resources for low-tech, no-tech and high-tech learning environments


This course is aimed at teachers as well as academic managers in the young learner field (the term ‘young learners’ should be taken to cover the 6-12 age range).

Participants should have a minimum language level corresponding to B1 on the Common European Framework


2-5 June 2020
Face-to-face training in St Pete

from 4th May 2020
4 weeks’ Online tutoring

Special price - £450 

Alibra School
St Petersburg, Bolshaya Konyushennaya, 27, Nevsky Prospekt metro station



Город: Санкт-Петербург